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Person with long hair doing a backflip like she's flexible. She knows suffering is optional.

As a Licensed Psychologist and therapist, I know all too well that life involves pain and still believe that suffering is optional. Whether a breakup, hurtful conversation with a family member, heartbreak, loneliness, or a rug burn, life happens. Therapy can help us better respond to our pain.

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Woman smiling at herself in the mirror

At some point during our work, my clients often let me in to how they judge themselves, criticize themselves, or otherwise see themselves as not enough. Here I discuss the whys and hows of self-compassion, or how to be your best friend.

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Woman participating in a video therapy session

When concerns over the covid pandemic spread to my therapy practice in Austin TX in March 2020, I made the transition to doing all of my sessions over video. Here I share the life lessons I squeezed out of the lemons that are 2020, based on how my clients have coped with the catastrophe.

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Peaceful scene of stacked stones

As concerns over the coronavirus pandemic intensified and Austin, Texas moved to staying at home, I realized that I needed a set of easy ways to help myself. I spent a Saturday morning writing the below list of 50 ideas.

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