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50 Things I Can Do (At Home) to Survive the Pandemic: Miranda’s menu of coping ideas

50 Things I Can Do (At Home) to Survive the Pandemic: Miranda’s menu of coping ideas

As concerns over the covid pandemic intensified and my work as a Licensed Psychologist and therapist in Austin, TX moved to telehealth from home, I realized that I needed a set of easy ways to help myself cope with my worlds colliding. I spent a Saturday morning writing the below list of 50 ideas for how I would mentally survive the covid pandemic, quarantine after quarantine, coping the best I could. Here are 50 of the activities I am using to cope with this whopper of an age. Perhaps my list will inspire you to create your own menu of coping ideas for this endless pandemic.

  1. journal – my journaling led me to write about 5 life lessons I learned during the early days of the covid pandemic
  2. meditate
  3. write a gratitude journal entry
  4. practice yoga
  5. color in a coloring book
  6. work on a jigsaw puzzle
  7. do a crossword
  8. read a physical book
  9. mix essential oils and diffuse them
  10. cleanse my space with palo santo
  11. donate to people in need
  12. write to a stranger in a nursing home (
  13. call a friend for an impromptu chat
  14. schedule a video hangout
  15. look up baking recipes
  16. admire each of my plants
  17. go for an aimless drive
  18. listen to music in the car
  19. go for a walk in my neighborhood
  20. sit outside on the patio
  21. put on a face mask
  22. take a bubble bath
  23. play Super Mario Galaxy
  24. cull my jewelry collection and choose pieces to donate
  25. listen to a record
  26. light a candle
  27. go for a bike ride
  28. drive to the lake and take a walk
  29. look at my 2020 vision board
  30. read poetry
  31. write a hard-copy letter to a friend
  32. write PostCrossing postcards to people around the world (
  33. soak my feet in an epsom salt bath
  34. stretch in my favorite yoga poses
  35. play a board game
  36. develop advanced knowledge of something new
  37. steep some tea and enjoy
  38. make food and deliver it to someone who may be in more need
  39. test out all of my pens and winnow the supply
  40. drink some water
  41. paint my nails
  42. paint something with acrylics
  43. take a virtual tour of a museum
  44. tell a friend something I love about them
  45. make a wishlist of new plants
  46. organize my books by genre, author, or color
  47. go outside and find a bug or bird I haven’t seen before
  48. pick my favorite crayon color and draw a picture just with that color
  49. learn to say “Hello” and “I love you” in a new language
  50. brainstorm what I would talk about if I had a podcast

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