Gender-Affirming Therapy Services

Meeting You Where You Are

At Panorama Therapy, we believe that to live as a transgender or gender-expansive person is to live with courage and strength, no matter how loudly. Imagine being seen for who you are within the expansive panorama that we serve at Panorama Therapy. Trans and non-binary folks, we will celebrate you and honor your experiences as we work toward your collective liberation.

I see and admire every day what it’s like to navigate our current world as trans or gender diverse. I strive to be your impassioned champion and a resource to you in every step of the way. – Miranda Nadeau, Ph.D.

Silhouetted person looking out over nature We understand that everyone’s journey is unique, and we strive to meet you where you are in your process. Whether you are questioning your gender identity, exploring different aspects of your gender expression, or seeking to access affirming spaces while navigating a traumatizing political climate, we are here to help.

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Affirming & Empowering Therapy for You

Therapy with the psychologists at Panorama Therapy is designed to be affirming, validating, and empowering for transgender, gender expansive, and gender non-conforming folks. We utilize a variety of evidence-based and culturally informed approaches to help you develop resilience, self-compassion, affirmation from within, and a sense of agency over your life. We prioritize anti-oppressive and anti-racist practice, checking our varying privileges and honoring how your experiences are shaped by a range of intersecting identities and experiences.

Multicolor hair person smiling We believe in the power of feeling validated, affirmed, appreciated, and understood in therapy. Ready to begin your care experience with Panorama Therapy?

  1. Reach out to schedule using our contact form.
  2. Get connected with a psychologist who is excited to learn more about you.
  3. Experience the impact of being heard, affirmed, and empowered in a relationship of earned trust.

Gender-Affirming Letters

For our friends in the trans and gender expansive communities, we are committed to offering gender-affirming referral letter services. In the past, we’ve written safe travel carry letters, referral letters for hormone replacement therapy (HRT), referral letters for surgery, and others too.

Informed consent model. Panorama Therapy and our Licensed Psychologists operate with the understanding that you are a self-determined person with insight and awareness about how to use your bodily autonomy.

Please note that we are limited in how many appointments we can offer each month, so we may have a waitlist for a referral letter. If you are interested in a letter, contact us to learn more or get started. Other letter writers nationwide can be found through The Gender Affirming Letter Access Project (GALAP).

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