Panorama Therapy | Miranda Nadeau PhD, Psychologist in 39+ States

Psychological Assessment

Blank page with a flower and pen Therapeutic assessment is a supplement to individual or relationship sessions at Panorama Therapy. As a Licensed Psychologist, Miranda Nadeau PhD is uniquely qualified to administer psychological assessments that can unlock a better understanding of yourself, your concerns, and how you can better navigate your mental health, life decisions, and relationships. Get an objective view of your personality, attachment style, vocation, and mental health. Assessments are often fun and can be low- or no-cost.

Therapy isn’t a generic, one-size-fits-all solution, and it can help to have an objective lens outside our therapeutic relationship to show us what’s called for in your treatment. That’s why we offer therapeutic assessment services that can provide us both with a deeper understanding of you.

Assessments are incredibly valuable in helping you identify growth edges, strengths, and opportunities for therapeutic work. They reveal insights about both broad and specific areas of your psychology, including:

  • Personality: What makes up who you are, how you differ from others, and how you may be seen by others;
  • Values: Your priorities that can become your guiding compass;
  • Vocation: What you’re good at, what you care about, how you like to work, and how you can channel all of that into a meaningful career;
  • Attachment style: Profound insights into how you relate to others, especially in your closest relationships; and
  • Mental health: How and to what extent you experience depression, anxiety, stress, and post-traumatic stress, plus neurotypes and neurodivergence.

Gain a better look at your concerns in assessment, and learn strategies to address them in therapy.

We are committed to creating a safe and compassionate space where you’ll feel comfortable exploring all of you, through attentively focused subjective and data-driven means. If you’re ready to supercharge your therapy sessions, ask us about therapeutic assessment services for current clients at Panorama Therapy.