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Your compassion and kindness is infectious. Your knowledge is and skill is beyond compare. Thank you for holding this space with us.
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Name protected, Austin, TX
Dr. Nadeau's presence is incredibly welcoming and supportive. She is so thoughtful in her approach and does a great job connecting with her clients and validating their experiences. I would highly recommend her for anyone seeking therapy, especially if you're seeking an inclusive and nonjudgmental space.
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Name protected, Seattle, WA
Miranda is kind, compassionate, and effective in helping one deal with the problems they have undergone or are undergoing in life. Her approach of getting to know the patient and letting them choose their own path forward is something that I was nothing short of blessed to have been able to experience. By the end of our time together I felt that I was talking to somebody who understood me, who cared about me, and that I could genuinely call a friend. I highly recommend Miranda to anyone who is considering looking for therapy as well as those who have been struggling to find a therapist they can work with.
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