Affirming LGBTQ+ Therapy Services at Panorama Therapy

Seeking Therapy as a Queer or Trans Person

Between coming in to ourselves, learning to navigate public & private spaces, and really embracing our identities, we LGBTQ folks are often on a lifelong journey. At the same time, while negotiating straight spaces like many therapy offices, we can often be misunderstood, othered, and harmed. It’s easy to see why not enough LGBTQ+ folks are getting the mental health care we need! Sitting down holding a little rainbow flag

As an LGBTQ+ person, you may have concerns about finding a therapist who truly understands and affirms your experiences. We get the importance of meeting with a therapist who is 100% on board with who you are, how you love, and how you navigate the world.

Too often, queer and trans folks face unique challenges when seeking therapy, including judgment, microaggressions, misunderstandings, and having to educate or explain yourself. Psychologist Miranda Nadeau, Ph.D. is dedicated to creating safe and welcoming spaces where you can explore your concerns without fear of judgment or mistaken assumptions and misunderstandings.

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A queer therapist herself, Dr. Nadeau has extensive experience working with LGBTQ+ adults and provides a compassionate approach that can help you feel heard, validated, and supported. At Panorama Therapy, she provides a safe container for folks living outside the heteronormative model to explore identity and self-expression. We encourage diversity and embrace uniqueness. However you experience or identify or express yourself, we support you and want to further uplift you. Our approach to serving you comes from a place of experience and understanding.

We know first-hand the power of having a space where you can talk about your sexuality, gender identity, and everything else in your life without having to educate or explain yourself. At Panorama Therapy, you can feel confident that our psychologists affirm and validate you at the baseline, allowing you to focus on the issues that really bring you to therapy.

Some of the various concerns that clients bring in to talk about include:

  • Validating your sexual and gender identity
  • Cultivating self-acceptance
  • Coming out, wherever you are in your life and whatever your cultural context
  • Navigating non-traditional relationship structures
  • LGBTQ+ family planning and parenting
  • Interpersonal difficulties and relationships Hand holding the corner of a rainbow flag
  • Connecting with other queer and trans folks
  • Navigating heterosexism and cisgenderism
  • Identifying and reducing internalized transphobia
  • Family of origin relationships
  • Cultural challenges that arise at your unique intersections
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Body image
  • Dating life
  • Obstacles to self-actualization
  • Challenges in your life stage
  • Coping with stress and its effects on mental health
  • Overcoming barriers to career goals

Our Approach to Affirming LGBTQ+ Therapy

Whatever you’re dealing with right now, we’re here to support you. We believe in working collaboratively to create a treatment plan that is tailored to your unique needs and goals. We take a person-centered approach to therapy, customizing our approach to your experiences and concerns.

We believe that therapy should be a collaborative and open process, where you feel heard, understood, and supported. We are committed to creating a trusting and affirming therapeutic relationship that can help you work towards improved mental health and overall well-being.

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At Panorama Therapy, we are passionate about providing affirming LGBTQ therapy. We all deserve therapy that meets us where we are. If you’re a queer or trans person facing life, we’re here to support you on your journey towards improved mental health and well-being.

Ready to get started with LGBTQ affirming therapy?

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  2. Get connected with a psychologist who gets it.
  3. Explore your sexuality, gender, and every other facet of your life in a space where you’re not only accepted but understood.