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Mixed and Multiracial Therapy

We Specialize in Multiracial Therapy

As a Mixed-race or multiracial person, you probably know all about nuance and complexity, as you navigate and embrace duality and multiplicity. You know about not fitting into neat, distinct categories and perhaps struggling to be validated, understood, or to have a voice. At Panorama Therapy, we do too. As a multiracial therapist of color, Miranda Nadeau, Ph.D. especially enjoys working with clients who are navigating the multiracial or Mixed journey.

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Looking into a mirror Being Mixed-race, biracial, multiracial, or multiethnic can come with its own unique set of challenges. Some of the most common concerns that we address in specialized Mixed and multiracial therapy include:

Identity and Self-Esteem

Navigating multiple identities can be a daunting task. Mixed-race and multiracial folks may struggle with feeling like they don’t fully fit in with any particular racial or ethnic group. This can lead to a sense of disconnection from cultural heritage, as well as feelings of insecurity, low self-esteem, isolation, and imposter syndrome. It can be so hard to feel like you don’t fully belong anywhere. In therapy, we’ll work on developing a stronger sense of yourself and your identity, exploring the unique qualities and strengths that emerge from your experience.

Anxiety and Depression

Living in a world that is often hostile towards marginalized communities can take a serious toll on your mental health. Mixed-race and multiracial individuals may experience anxiety and depression related to systemic racism and discrimination, as well as internalized racism and the pressure to “pick a side” or successfully navigate conflicting experiences. You deserve to feel supported and validated in your experiences. In multiracial therapy, we’ll help you develop coping strategies to manage the stress and anxiety that come with living in a racist society, as well as address any underlying mental health concerns.

Holding their head in their hand Alienation and Isolation

Multiracial folks may feel a sense of isolation and disconnection from both sides of their heritage, as well as from other biracial or multiracial individuals. Mixed-race and multiracial individuals may also experience microaggressions and discrimination throughout life, which can emphasize a sense of not belonging anywhere. Feeling like you don’t quite fit with any particular group can be really lonely, and the “What are you?” question can really twist the knife in. As multiracial therapists, we can help explore these experiences and feelings of isolation to work on developing a greater sense of belonging and connection. You don’t have to navigate these feelings on your own.

Colorism and Family Dynamics

Mixed and multiracial individuals may experience colorism (discrimination based on skin color) within family, as well as cultural differences and tensions related to various ethnic backgrounds. At Panorama Therapy, we’ll help you navigate these family dynamics and cultural differences, and develop strategies to address colorism, microaggressions, and macroaggressions both within and outside of the family.

A big smile on their face Our psychologists strive to create a supportive and empathic environment where you can explore your thoughts and feelings related to your Mixed or multiracial identity. Our goal is to help you build resilience, develop self-acceptance, and find a sense of belonging. You deserve to feel loved and accepted for exactly who you are.

Embracing Strength & Resilience

As a multiracial therapist herself, Dr. Nadeau knows that being Mixed, biracial, or multiracial also comes with unique strengths and advantages. Research has shown that Mixed folks tend to have high levels of adaptability, empathy, and openness to new experiences. The ability to navigate multiple cultures and perspectives can be a tremendous asset in personal and professional contexts. We believe that your unique identity and experiences can be a source of strength and resilience, and we’re here to help you embrace and celebrate that. We’re honored to work with clients from diverse backgrounds and are committed to supporting the mental health and well-being of our Mixed-race and multiracial community.

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