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Unpacking Multiracial Identity: A Discussion Group for Dismantling Racism

Discussion Group - Unpacking Multiracial Identity


Calling multiracial, biracial, & Mixed folks navigating life & identity during the Black Lives Matter movement! Do you struggle with what it means to be a person of color who also benefits from White privilege? Do you strive to be anti-racist and wonder how best to do your part?

I invite you to join a 10-week discussion and growth group designed to help you develop in your anti-racist commitment, action, and identity—just for multiracial and Mixed community members who believe Black Lives Matter. Over the course of 10 live, virtual meetings, group participants will be challenged to learn and grow in supportive community.

As a participant of Unpacking Multiracial Identity: A Discussion Group for Dismantling Racism, you can expect to:

  • Read, watch, and listen to profound, thought-provoking pieces we’ll discuss together
  • Discuss special topics related to racism, privilege, identity, and activism
  • Dialogue about your growth and challenges in a brave space
  • Practice and develop mindfulness around race, racism, and justice
  • Gain valuable insights about yourself and others
  • Reflect on and grow in your own identity
  • Learn how to actively and authentically practice anti-racism

How much

Donations accepted;
pay what you can


Mondays at 6:30 pm Eastern, ongoing for 10 weeks

Start date TBD


Virtual (live, video on)


Your compassion and kindness is infectious. Your knowledge is and skill is beyond compare. Thank you for holding this space with us.
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Discussion group member
I so appreciate you developing and offering this opportunity. Your leadership was subtle and powerful. You found ways to promote safety, trust and growth.
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Discussion group member


1. What makes you qualified to facilitate this group?

My knowledge of race and racism is grounded in my lived experience, my communities, and my education & training. I am a multiracial, bicultural, queer woman who benefits from white privilege, and I received my doctorate in Counseling Psychology. I’ve practiced as a therapist for 8 years, which has included facilitating both therapy and discussion groups with diverse group members. Having said that, I offer this exploration group with a large dose of humility. I fully expect to be challenged and to learn from this experience, and I see myself as a facilitator and peer in this group, not as an educator or content expert.

2. What special topics can I expect to discuss in the group?

Over the course of 10 weeks, we will explore and deepen our understanding of:

  • Privilege and all that comes with it
  • Colorism, anti-Blackness, and prejudice within our communities
  • Racial identity development
  • Anti-racism as performative vs. authentic
  • How to have constructive conversations about race with family, colleagues, and peers
  • Our role in sustained action against racism
  • Identifying, exploring, and affirming a positive identity for oneself

3. Is this a therapy group?

No, this is not a therapy group. Though I work as a therapist, this will not be a therapeutic process or support group. This is an opportunity to grow and learn with peers. Current clients may be discouraged from participating.

4. What donation is suggested for participation?

This discussion group is not limited to any socioeconomic status, class, or income level. If you can’t afford a dollar per week for your anti-racism growth, consider it a no-cost offering. That said, workshops from major anti-racist training organizations typically cost $100-400 per day, or a range of $12.50 to $50 per hour. A yoga or physical fitness class might cost you between $10 and $40 (yikes). Group therapy (which this is not) typically runs for $60 per week. A semester-long course on race and racism at a 4-year university would cost between $1,000 and $3,000 over 15 weeks—that’s $67-$200 per week. You decide what this experience is worth to you, given the resources you have. I’m flexible and am in this for all of our collective growth and liberation.

5. How large will the group be?

The discussion group will be capped at 12 members. No crowds and no unproductive cricket silences.

6. How much of a time commitment should I expect to make?

All group participants should expect to be present for every meeting, one hour per week for 10 weeks. On top of this, add 1-168 hours per week—it’s up to you!—for meeting preparation, self-reflection, and activism. As with most experiences, you will get out of this exploration group what you put into it. The materials I send out every week take approximately 1 hour total to read/watch/listen to.

7. I identify as ____________. Is there a place for me in this group?

This group is probably for you if you identify as multiracial, multiethnic, Mixed race, biracial, or bicultural. If you have straddled multiple cultures and identities, developing complexities and nuances, this group may be for you. If you are seen as a person of color in the U.S. but like a white American in your family’s country of origin, this group may be for you. If you struggle with finding your place in anti-racism because of your appearance, this group may be for you. Still having doubts? Email the facilitator here: