Affirming, Inclusive, and You-Centered Therapy Nationwide

Welcome. We are so glad you found us.

All of you is welcome here. The hurt parts, the triumphant parts, and all the messy parts in between—we are honored to hold space for clients who have been right where you are now.

Panorama Therapy is a niche, nationwide therapy practice of psychologists who serve all kinds, providing specialized care for the needs of diverse LGBTQ+ folks, multiracial and Mixed folks, and people of culture (BIPOC). We are some of the few therapists able to treat clients in 34 states, including Texas, New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Arizona, Tennessee & more.

As licensed psychologists who know first-hand the journey you’re on, we are dedicated to affirming & inclusive therapy. We are known for creating spaces to celebrate your most authentic self as you access a life of greater meaning and hope

Panoramas evoke expansion, opening, broadening, and integration, cornerstones of change and healing. Committed to anti-racist, anti-oppressive therapy, Licensed Psychologists at Panorama Therapy are ready to begin a transformative & affirming relationship where you can

  • Feel safe even when vulnerable,
  • Nurture the authentic person you are within and beyond your identities,
  • Partner with someone who really sees you beyond your struggles, and
  • Develop hope as you are guided toward the resources you need to feel more secure in the world.

In couples therapy, you can expect to rediscover connection and security through your relationship. 

If you are LGBTQ+ or a person of culture (BIPOC, multiracial/Mixed, Asian American) and you’ve made it this far in life, we know it couldn’t have been easy. Navigating personal identity, who we are to ourselves, is really hard in the face of challenging systems and -isms. Doing so within connected relationships, while you’re pursuing a meaningful life, juggling it all, it’s likely you’ve had your share of challenges. You deserve a knowing and relatable companion on your healing and growth journey. Reach out to get started.

Photograph of Miranda Nadeau, Ph.D. standing against a mural
Nationwide psychologist Miranda Nadeau, Ph.D.

Learn more about our queer therapy services, our therapy for Mixed and multiracial folks, therapy for people of culture, and Asian American therapy.

How We Work

Psychologists at Panorama Therapy weave together centuries of cross-cultural teachings, research, and empirical support.
Based on your unique concerns, we tailor an integrative approach rooted in attachment & neuroscience that also benefits from our compassionate presence, mindful awareness, and deep listening.

I’m humbled every day to sit with people who are committing the time, effort, and courage necessary for their growth. This is especially true for those navigating life as members of the queer community, as Mixed or multiracial, as people of culture, or really anyone who feels like I’m going to get them. I hold it as a privilege and responsibility to provide a safe space for healing members of my own communities. I look forward to hearing your story.

Miranda Nadeau, Ph.D.

Therapy Concerns in the Panoramic Landscape

An icon of connected dots meant to signify connections and care at Panorama Therapy relationships & connection

Your social & romantic life and you. Family of origin concerns. Couples therapy, dating counseling, and premarital counseling.

An icon of a trans symbol meant to signify gender and LGBT therapy at Panorama Therapy gender & sexuality

Affirming identity exploration, development, and transitions. Referral letters for trans* & gender expansive folks.

An icon of a heart meant to signify relationship and couples services at Panorama Therapy self-worth & self-compassion

Improving the most important relationship in your life: your relationship with yourself.

An icon of a leaf meant to signify more categories for our services at Panorama Therapy and beyond…

Racial, ethnic, & cultural identity. Perfectionism & adulting. Meaning & purpose. Psychedelic integration.

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